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At CodingChiefs you get access to quality resources in the Philippines. Take your development team to the next level with our native English-speaking developers. With our expertise and Dutch management, you can trust us for clear communication and desired results. Our speedy recruitment process helps you capitalize on time while still giving us the opportunity to deliver quality. Our developers are happy to liaise with you across EU timezones, ensuring your team is always on the same page. While focussing on quality, our prices are competitive. Rates for our offshore developers between € 25 and € 40 per hour. In addition, CodingChiefs has the experience and expertise needed to build an offshore remote development team specific to your needs, regardless of the tech stack involved. Scale-up your business today, contact us!

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The big ‘W’: Why build your remote team with CodingChiefs?

Finding the most suitable software developers for every specific software question is our main focus. Building a custom team of world-class software developers who are eager to tackle every technical task. When our recruitment team in the Philippines has found the best-in-class specialists, those talents will be introduced to you. After a variety of tests, it is up to you whether you would like to join forces. If there is a perfect professional click, you may expect the highest level of quality, expertise and perseverance. Of course, all for an affordable price.

  • Thanks to our cost-free recruitment process, we are able to find the most suitable professionals for your task in the blink of an eye.

  • Would you like to scale up during a development project? No problem. The scalability options are straightforward. Let us take care of the selection process and a seamless integration into your current development team.

  • Flexible cancellation. For collaborations up to three developers, there is always only one month's notice. In addition, the remote developers are not on your payroll, which makes a significant difference in costs and obligations.

  • The evidence is there: outstaffing pays off! In a digital world which is often characterized by distant, emotionless and impersonal, we offer a different sound. At CodingChiefs we would like to show that working together remotely can be a well-functioning recipe for success.

Unique remote development team in four steps

Determine the skill set

Based on the project needs and sector-specific requirements, we start our search for suitable software developers or see if we can deliver immediately.

Intake project

Wishes and requirements will be discussed with our account managers who are based in the Netherlands.

Introduction to team

Meet your remote team or software developer(s) digitally and coordinate the desired working method together.

Daily progress

Working together remotely means extra attention to communication. To cover this process, our dedicated software developers share daily progress updates.

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The big ‘H’: How to work with a remote team

Scroll down and get insights on how remote software developers get loads of work done on a daily basis

Daily communication

CodingChiefs are not only masterminds in software coding. No. They are social beings as well. The challenge with outstaffing is communication Internally and externally. It is crucial to understand and stimulate this by training all remote developers in (internal) communication, business English and by learning how to work with tools like Slack.

Total freedom

We are convinced of the essence of complete freedom. Remote software developers are very professional, independent workers who tackle their to do's as time-efficient as possible. Those specialists take the hard work off your hands, and just need a few words. Exactly the way outstaffing is meant to be.

Remote team case

Remote development team price tag

The price is determined on the number of FTE, the turnaround time, the complexity of the wishes and the required skill set of the experienced remote developers. The highest quality for an appealing price.

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Fleur Smit

Country Manager

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