Outstaffing road map

Remote development team

CodingChiefs builds remote development teams for full-cycle outstaffing services. Our strong-minded experts are eager to create custom-made software solutions. Start building your development team now!

Software developers

Scale up with well-equipped senior developers (starting from 1 FTE) whenever you are ready. You are in charge. All day, every day.


CodingChiefs offers an offshore solution with Native English-speaking developers in the Philippines. Get your remote offshore development team up and running fast with CodingChiefs' managed offshoring services. Available for any required tech stack. Unlock a new level of efficiency.


With CodingChiefs' nearshoring services, you have access to a talented pool of developers in Serbia at cost-effective pricing. Our office is based in the same timezone as Western Europe and offers tech stacks that match your needs. We make it effortless for you to build and grow your dream team!

Outstaffing road map

Can’t find affordable Dutch software developers? And as a result, you can’t outrun the competition? In a fast-paced world it is a necessity to constantly look for smart angels. Let CodingChiefs support your development department with highly talented and first-rate remote software developers in an outstaffing proposition that has proven itself for years!

Want to build your own remote development team?

Thinking about scaling your development team with outstaffing? Whether you prefer to expand with one world-class engineer or an entire remote development team, we offer the required boost starting from 1 FTE.

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In need of software developers?

CodingChiefs can provide remote software developers in almost every programming language, tool and framework. Sounds good, right?

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Remote project management?

Streamlined processes can be guaranteed by developer(s) and a qualified project manager. Curious how this works?

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Remote development process in a nutshell

Determine the skill set

Based on the project needs and sector-specific requirements, we start our search for suitable software developers or see if we can deliver immediately.

Intake project

Wishes and requirements will be discussed with our account managers who are based in the Netherlands.

Introduction to team

Meet your remote team or software developer(s) digitally and coordinate the desired working method together.

Daily progress

Working together remotely means extra attention to communication. To cover this process, our dedicated software developers share daily progress updates.

Outstaffing, are you ready?

Experience the benefits of remote working with the CodingChiefs specialists.

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