Outstaffing, the meaning and added value

Outstaffing, what is it? And why is the added value for companies now bigger than ever? We’ll explain it to you.

The meaning of outstaffing

At CodingChiefs, we’ve been doing it for years. In short, we’ve been in the business and we’ve been successful in outstaffing developers. Developers who – as in our case – work for your business in the Philippines. This can range from 1 FTE to a complete remote development team. Remote developers who temporarily help out or are part of the team for years. Although they focus entirely on your development challenge, they are not officially employed by you. They are not on your payroll. And that has advantages. The responsible outstaffing party handles both recruitment, payroll, workplace engagement, and company benefits. And that can save you considerable costs, obligations, hassle, and time. What about you? As the client, you make sure the remote software developers are properly briefed, know what is expected of them, and whom they can get to work with.

The outstaffing model

In a nutshell, outstaffing is not about outsourcing an entire development job, but about the possibility of hiring remote developers. Ideal if you could use some extra manpower for a development job.

It doesn’t sound so crazy, does it? But when is outstaffing a GO for your company? If you want to stay ahead of the competition or keep growing a team of software developers without the hassle then this might be for you.We have a huge gap between supply and demand of software developers in the Netherlands. And once you have found a developer, you are guaranteed to pay a high price. Familiar? Outstaffing may well offer a solution in such a situation. Although we are short of manpower here in the Netherlands, on the other side of the world there is an unprecedented overload of highly skilled developers.

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Standing out with outstaffing

There is a demand for developers in Europe. But knowing that in times like this certainly does not have to mean that you remain stagnant in business as well. Crises in any way require creative adjustments. Adjustments in how we live with each other, but certainly also in how we work with each other. To think 180 degrees differently. And we are already doing this, thinking differently. At CodingChiefs, we have seen for years that remote working works. Social distancing or not, with remote developers you can make the desired online or offline development moves. Do you dare to step it up and stand out? Of course, it takes time to get used to an outstaffing setup as it takes time, but we’re happy to help with that.

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