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Hire your own dedicated Javascript developer or development team via CodingChiefs now!

Outsourcing Javascript development

CodingChiefs’ JavaScript developers work on the most varied of projects, from complex front-end interfaces to building chatbots and mobile apps.

CodingChiefs has both an in-house team and the possibility of finding a developer quickly via our extensive HR network. You can interview and test the candidates yourself, so you’re always sure of the right match.

Outsourcing Javascript development also has significant cost benefits.

Add the right Javascript developer to your team quickly. No worries, and always high quality at a good price. That’s what we stand for. Have a quick look at what we can do for you!

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The benefits of a CodingChiefs Javascript developer

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The right developer for your project straight away

Outsourcing, but with a Dutch contact person

Your own full-time developer from just €20 per hour!*

Save thousands of euros per month on development

Always just a one-month notice period