CodingChiefs: Customization for every industry

From telecom to the aviation industry, from marketing to healthcare. Outstaffing can be a match for a wide range of businesses and issues. It isn’t in the type of industry, but in the custom-made approach. Customization by searching, training and managing dedicated software developers who live and breathe the whole digital vocabulary. Developers who ensure high performance, state-of-the-art solutions and on whom you can rely. Let CodingChiefs support your development department in an outstaffing proposition that has been paying off for years.

Industries in which CodingChiefs is of service, to name a few:


CodingChiefs provides remote software developers who can assist both the agencies and the end customer. We can supply resources which are able to corporate internally and externally.


Scalability, up-to-date knowledge of the online marketing world and a great adaptability are crucial in the e-commerce industry. We've got you covered with our remote software developers!


CodingChiefs can set up any process within healthcare in such a way that the essential pillars of ‘reliability’, ‘safety’ and ‘privacy’ are guaranteed. Efficiency mixed with innovation, while you experience the benefits of outstaffing.


Software as a Service is all about ongoing development. Therefore, we assemble a highly experienced remote development team which can realize continuous delivery. You can count on them 24/7. Uncompromising in quality.


Hardware and software. An inextricable couple in the telecom industry. A playing field which is a familiar playground for CodingChiefs. With knowhow of embedded software development and associated processes, we can help build custom software solutions.


Aviation is about delivering sky high quality and strict adherence to protocols. Expect first-grade custom aviation software solutions built by our battle-tested experts. Experts who have lots of technological expertise - the waterfall method included - and long-standing industry expertise.

What clients have to say about CodingChiefs

Pierre van Elswijk – partner bij BLIS. Digital

'Our digital paths crossed in 2019. At BLIS. Digital we missed both executive power and the flexibility to up- and downscale in capacity. At that time, it was quite challenging to find the right software developers for a reasonable price in the Netherlands. That’s why we discussed outstaffing internally. After online search we ended up - via Nochii - at CodingChiefs. They exactly understand our needs and requirements, and are a listening ear during the whole development process.'

CodingChiefs case

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