Your remote software team in a couple of steps

How does it work?

Determine skill set

We look for the right type of developers based on your wishes

Intake project

Your specific project wishes are discussed and determined with our Dutch account managers

Organize team

We propose a team or developer to work for you and define all the processes

Daily progress

We can get started! Your developer or team provides a daily progress update

a quote
Determine development
Work out wishes &
a method
Start &

Step 1: Request a quote

Fill in the form and one of our Dutch-speaking account managers will be in touch.

Step 2: Determine development requirements

The account manager discusses your wishes in detail with you and uses this as a basis to look for the right developers.

Step 3: Propose developers

The right developers are proposed to you as soon as they have have been found, either internally or through our HR network. You have the option of interviewing your team yourself if you wish.

Step 4: Work out wishes and agreements

Your specific wishes and agreements, such as for working times and hourly rates, are set in an intake document and outsourcing agreement. This forms the basis for the collaboration.

Step 5: Establish a method

You manage the developers yourself. It’s therefore important that everyone is familiar with the methods used, so the CodingChiefs can join your development process. This might be in Scrum, Waterval or other methodology.

Step 6: Start and progress

There’s nothing standing in the way of you making a successful start to building your own team or individual developer! Our people send you a progress update by email every day, and you have a weekly status check with the account manager. We ensure optimal communication.

The benefits of CodingChiefs

Our advantages

The right developer straight away

We have a large in-house team of developers. Not quite the right profile? Our free HR services will find the right developer for your job very quickly.

Dutch Account management

Our office in the Philippines has a Dutch director and account managers, so we can ensure optimal communication.

Full-time developer from € 20 per hour

Your developer is already available from €20 per hour. Pricing is always depending on seniority, skill set and length of the project.

Flexible Teams

It’s very easy to scale up! We can provide the right people and ensure seamless integration into your existing team if you want to expand.

No worries!

Your developer or team is not on your payroll, and we always offer a one-month notice period. We provide all the hardware (Mac) and software, take care of the management and taxation, and ensure a very good working environment for our people.

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