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We are a one-stop shop. Like a recruiter we match needs with top-notch developers. Highly experienced remote software developers for any hyped-up and time-tested programming language or framework., for both long standing and one-off assignments. In case we can’t deliver the desired language directly, our extensive HR network comes up with the custom-made solution. Scale up with outstaffing!

Front-end development

Hire front-end developers who can support your development department. In recent years, our way of outstaffing has proven itself in:

App development

Scaling up with remote app developers periodically or for the long term? We provide developers in the following languages:

Content Management and Marketing Systems

CodingChiefs remote developers are familiar with the latest (technical) developments, and have deep experience with the following frameworks:

Remote front-end developer process in a nutshell

Determine skill set

Based on the project needs and sector-specific requirements, we start our search for suitable, best-in-class front-end developers or see if we can deliver immediately.

Intake project

Wishes and requirements will be discussed with our account managers who are based in the Netherlands.

Introduction to team

Meet the remote team or the front-end developer(s) digitally and coordinate the desired working method together.

Daily progress

Working together remotely means extra attention to communication. To cover this process, our dedicated front-end developers share daily progress updates.

Excited? Let’s talk business!

Client cases

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