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Find your answer in our Frequently Asked Questions. All you need to know about outsourcing developers in the Philippines!

Can I meet my team in the Philippines?

Yes, of course! We encourage this as it contributes to the success of the collaboration. Furthermore, if you hire in at least three developers for six months or more, we give you a free trip to the Philippines. Our management team there will be happy to welcome you to our office to work on site with your team for a few days.

How long has CodingChiefs been operating?

CodingChiefs is a trading name for the Nochii Group and has been the official outsourcing partner since 2017. Nochii has been active in the online and IT world since 2008, and opened its office in the Philippines in 2015. We’ve been working with dozens of customers all over the world ever since.

What does CodingChiefs do?

CodingChiefs provides outsourcing for software developers. Our developers work in the Philippines for customers in Europe, Australia and the US. CodingChiefs finds, tests, trains and manages software developers.

Are you a freelancer platform?

No, all developers that work for CodingChiefs are employed by us. When hired by our customers, the developers join the customer’s team but work from our office in Clark in the Philippines.

How do I communicate with my developer or development team?

We advise various free communication and project management tools such as Skype, Slack, Trello and Basecamp. Your developer can however also work using your own set-up, so the choice is yours.

How can I see what my developer or team has done?

We send you a time sheet for the previous month during the first week of every month, which details how much time has been spent per assignment. This does not just make it easy to verify; it also shows how future activities can be prioritised. You also receive a daily progress report from your developer or lead developer.

How does invoicing work?

Invoicing takes place a month in advance. This means that you receive an invoice with the hours for the coming month by email from at the end of the ongoing last month. Our payment term is 30 days.

How can I cancel my contract with CodingChiefs?

We would naturally find it a shame if you wanted to terminate the contract. Please therefore first contact your account manager to discuss the situation. If your decision is made, you can terminate the contract after three months with due observance of the one-month notice period at the end of the calender month. Your notice can be sent to us in writing or by email to

Can I hire multiple developers at the same time?

Absolutely! Our experience shows that a team often operates better than a single dedicated developer. If desired, an experienced developer can also act as team leader and the central point of contact.

How long does it take before CodingChiefs has candidates?

Depending on the experience and skill set required, we can deliver within a week. More difficult profiles can take longer but PHP developers, for example, can be supplied almost immediately.

Is it possible to take someone on part time?

We advise taking on full-time developers as much as possible because this ensures optimal engagement. It is possible to hire a dedicated developer from 84 hours per month.

Can I have a trial?

Yes, that’s possible. Please contact one of our account managers.

Who employs my developers?

Your developers are employed by CodingChiefs, a trading name for Nochii BV. They work in the CodingChiefs office in the Philippines. Your contract is therefore with the Dutch company Nochii BV, the parent company of CodingChiefs.

I want to get started. What do I need to do?

Please contact us using the contact form or quote form and tell us what skill set, experience and extra requirements you’re looking for. We check to see if we can fulfil your wishes straight away with our existing team. If not, we start an HR process and can normally propose multiple candidates within two weeks. We hold initial discussions and test the candidates’ knowledge level before you arrange the final interview. Then you make your decision and we can get started!

Do I need to worry about taxes and HR issues?

In short, we make sure that you and your developers only need to be concerned with the job content. CodingChiefs takes care of everything else. This includes: Good office space and workplaces, including equipment (Apple Mac Mini with 2 displays, software, internet connection, etc.) Recruitment and HR Management, evaluations and quality control: you determine the rules and guidelines, we make sure they’re complied with

What is a Dedicated Developer?

CodingChiefs supplies software developers to work for you as the customer straight away. This is why we don’t generally take on ad hoc projects and instead focus on building long-term relationships. Both with us and with your developer or development team. We call these developers Dedicated Developers because they work exclusively for the customer. They’re a part of your team, just like your colleagues in the office. This also means you can manage them as such.

What services does CodingChiefs offer?

We offer two types of service: Outsourcing developer from 0.5 FTE Outsourcing development team from 2 FT CodingChiefs has its own team of permanent employees with various skill sets. If we do not have the skill set you require available at that moment, we start looking straight away and can normally provide suitable candidates within two weeks. The developers work exclusively for you and so really become part of your organisation.

I want my developers to speak with the end customer. Is that a problem?

No, all developers speak English without an accent and will never say that they work for CodingChiefs.

Do all CodingChiefs employees speak good English?

English is the working language in the Philippines so our people are always fluent in English. We also pay very close attention to language proficiency and communication skills in our recruitment procedure.

I have very specific requirements. Can you supply the right developer?

Our office in Clark is situated in one of the fastest-growing commercial areas in the Philippines. It attracts lots of developers with specific skill sets. This means we can quickly find you the right developer via our extensive HR network.

What skill sets can you provide?

CodingChiefs can provide all typical programming languages and development frameworks.

Please contact one of our account managers if you have any further questions or want to get started with your own developer.