How Bax-Music continues to grow with help of CodingChiefs

Bax-Music is Europe’s market leader in audio and video online. Their webshop is a huge success and they are currently working on a marketplace. But, all e-commerce growth comes with its own software development challenges and CodingChiefs is happy to help! In this video, Gertjan van Kranenburg, CTO of Bax-Music, describes our successful collaboration.

What we have in store for you

Outstaffing from the Philippines

Very simple. See us as a remote secondor who matches customer wishes and expert developers. At CodingChiefs we want to show you that outstaffing is a smart solution for both permanent expansion of your development team and flexible projects. From our offices in Amsterdam and the Philippines we take care of finding, training and managing the best remote software developers in the market. Software developers that are sought on behalf of your customer wishes. So customization. Whether you want to go for one software developer or a multidisciplinary remote software team, we leave that to you.

The benefits, not the burdens

Our recruiters will look for suitable profiles that will be submitted to you for approval. Only when they have successfully completed a few tests and you have confidence in the CodingChief (s), is the green light. We take care of the payroll, hardware, software, management, taxes and a very good working environment. You manage the management yourself. Had we already dropped that up to a team of 3 FTE, we always only use one month's notice?

Only the best is good enough

Our CodingChiefs are good. Very well. Every software developer has a university degree, speaks native English and has both technical and communication skills. We test the latter extensively. In addition, we have a Dutch director and client success managers who manage the Philippine office on site to guarantee the desired quality standard. This way we can be sure that only the best software developers participate in your development.

Why a remote team from CodingChiefs?

At CodingChiefs we focus on bringing together the most suitable software developers. Building a team. A team of software developers composed on the basis of your unique project question. Has our recruitment team in the Philippines found the right match (es)? Then you will meet the remote team and decide whether you want to work together. The highest quality for an affordable price, that's what it's all about for us.

  • Thanks to our free HR process, we always find the most suitable experts for the assignment very quickly.

  • Do you want to scale up during a development project? Which can. Let us take care of selecting the right experts and seamless integration into the current project team.

  • Flexible cancellable. For partnerships up to three developers, there is always only one month's notice. In addition, the remote developers are not on the payroll, which makes a significant difference in costs and obligations.

  • Outstaffing works! In a digital world that is often distant and impersonal, we come to CodingChiefs with an opposition. We would like to show that remote collaboration can be a formula for success.

Join forces? We would like to meet you.

Fleur Smit

Business Development Manager

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