Bax-Music: A Performance-Driven Partnership

Bax-Music is Europe’s market leader in audio and video online. Their webshop is a huge success and they are currently working on a marketplace. But, all e-commerce growth comes with its own software development challenges and CodingChiefs is happy to help!

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As a business owner or manager, the decision to opt for offshore software development can be difficult. As anyone who has experience knows, there are advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing software development. How do you balance the risks and come out on top? Here are five tips to ensure that you receive an excellent return on investment.


Our digital paths crossed in 2019. At BLIS. Digital we missed both executive power and the flexible upscaling and downscaling in capacity. In the Dutch regions it was quite difficult to find the right professionals for a reasonable price.


In 2019 we were about to build the platform. To be able to scale up development in the short term, our digital search brought us to outstaffing. We are particularly pleased with the technical skills, specific working method and work ethic of CodingChiefs.