Code of practice

Authenticity. We are convinced that a working atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self creates an open workplace for both individuals as the team. A working environment where every individual feels comfortable. And being comfortable means every expert can get the best out of him or herself as a remote software developer. That is exactly what we and our clients are searching for. And of course, we offer attractive working conditions, high salaries and like-minded colleagues. Be authentic!

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Working at CodingChiefs means...

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Transparency. One of our strengths. In our view it is essential every individual understands why we do the things the way we do. It is all about honesty and openness. That is exactly what we expect from you as a CodingChief to-be. Being transparent creates an atmosphere of trust, both internally and externally. As a remote software developer, you are not alone. We do it together. As a team. As a CodingChiefs family. Feel welcome!


As a CodingChief, you have to check off lots of boxes. Our senior-level employees are not only highly skilled in building solid high-tech solutions. No. We set the bar high. Being a senior software developer isn’t only about meeting the most challenging software requirements. It is also about having social abilities. Why? If there is one thing we can pinpoint as the #1 outstaffing failure, it often is the communication. Internally and externally. With the help of our internal communication training, tools such as Slack and business English lessons, this can be guaranteed.

Stretch your potential

Are you on your A-game if you can be your own boss? At CodingChiefs we strive to create a casual working environment according to a Western work mentality. What does that philosophy mean? Attractive working conditions, freedom to fulfil your personal potential and ways to accelerate your career, generous salaries and a healthy work-life balance. Not to mention the pleasant company outings, family days and pizzas on Friday.

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