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Authenticity. We are convinced that a working atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self creates an open workplace for both individuals as the team. A working environment where every individual feels comfortable. And being comfortable means every expert can get the best out of him or herself as a remote software developer. That is exactly what we and our clients are searching for. And of course, we offer attractive working conditions, high salaries and like-minded colleagues. Be authentic!

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Sales Development Representative

De wereld wordt steeds digitaler en daar zijn software developers voor nodig. In combinatie met de krapte op de arbeidsmarkt ligt daarom de wereld aan onze voeten. CodingChiefs is een betrouwbare partner voor tech-Nederland, wij vinden en plaatsen voor hen de allerbeste software developers. Dit doen wij vanuit onze eigen kantoren in Amsterdam en Clark (Filipijnen). Wil jij met ons deze kansen pakken en nieuwe klanten vinden? Bel dan Ivo.

Als Sales Development Representative sta jij aan de basis van nieuwe deals met klanten. Samen met het sales team zorg je voor de groei van ons bedrijf door het vinden van leads. Of je nu het liefst evenementen bezoekt, je een held bent aan de telefoon of online voor jou het beste werkt; het is het resultaat dat telt. Met jouw commerciële instelling en internationale ambitie zit je bij CodingChiefs goed. Je krijgt de vrijheid om te werken op een manier die bij jou past en waarbij je je kan ontwikkelen in de meest innovatieve wereld; de tech-sector.

Wil je:

  • Jezelf ontwikkelen in sales;
  • Prospects vinden om CodingChiefs en jezelf te laten groeien;
  • Creatieve sales acties opzetten en uitvoeren;
  • Samen met je collega’s ons verhaal vertellen op beurzen;
  • Evenementen bezoeken waar jij de beste leads kan vinden.

Ben je:

  • Niet bang voor commercie;
  • Verantwoordelijk en een aanpakker;
  • Minimaal 32 uur per week beschikbaar;

Heb je:

  • Ervaring met zakelijk Nederlands en Engels;
  • Interesse in software development of IT;
  • Ervaring in sales (pré).

Dan beloven wij je:

  • Een uitdagende plek waar groeien voorop staat;
  • Flexibele werktijden;
  • € 2.700 – € 2.900 per maand;
  • Bonusregeling;
  • Reiskostenvergoeding;
  • Een Macbook & iPhone;
  • Een goede work-life balance;
  • Een gezellig team dat niet vies is van een potje padel of tafeltennis.

De mentaliteit die leeft in ons team is hard werken in een ongedwongen omgeving. Je krijgt veel vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid. Enthousiast? Bel Ivo (06-21924467), dan zien we elkaar snel!

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Open Positions Philippines

The Role

CodingChiefs is currently seeking a Technical Team Manager to lead and mentor a team of highly motivated Software Developers and Team Leads. The primary mission of the Technical Team Manager is to function as a Tribe Lead, utilizing their coding expertise and people management skills to oversee the team's activities. The ideal candidate is a skilled and experienced leader with the ability to provide business coaching and strike a balance between the dynamic professional lives of the developers.

The successful candidate will work closely with the Partner Manager and the HR Manager to keep the developers engaged and facilitate effective collaboration and organization. The Technical Team Manager will be responsible for providing leadership, guidance, and support to ensure that the team's projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. They will also be responsible for identifying and addressing any potential issues that may arise and for ensuring that the team is equipped with the necessary resources to succeed.

The Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assign and manage senior developers to lead a tribe focused on a particular technology and inspire other developers to engage with it.

  • Assist the partner manager in addressing client and staff issues and concerns.

  • Discuss, plan, and organize individual career development strategies with direct reports, including setting goals and providing feedback.

  • Coach developers to improve their productivity output by helping them focus on their goals and providing guidance and support.

  • Monitor and evaluate staff progress through regular performance reviews and coaching sessions, and provide actionable feedback for improvement.

  • Collaborate with the HR manager and the culture club to organize activities and events that promote a positive and inspiring work culture, such as team-building exercises and social outings.

  • Act as a scrum master for employee projects, facilitating continuous technical improvement and ensuring projects are completed on time and to standard.

  • Assign mentors to new hires, provide them with an introduction to the company culture, and train them on what to expect when working with CodingChiefs and its clients.

  • Serve as a consultant for developers who have technical concerns, providing expert guidance and advice as needed.

  • Endorse benched developers to clients by exploring all possible options to ensure they are lined up for interviews.

  • Organize monthly team events, such as dinners, lunches, and drinks, to encourage open communication and foster a supportive team culture.

  • Liaise with team members, management, and clients to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

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The Role 

CodingChiefs, a rising industry leader in technical staffing in the Philippines is looking for a Senior Backend Developer to build new features, and develop, renew and manage our client’s products

Our Client

Our client is an innovative and fast-growing online publishing company that carries a lot of popular brands. With a reach of over 13 million users per month, they engage with audiences through our multi-channel brands, bringing them high-quality content.

The Responsibilities

  • building new features for the websites, extensions of CMS components, implementations of new tools 

  • setting up new products

  • Ensuring that the client’s products are optimized for high traffic, must be able to handle the enormous peaks in visitor numbers flawlessly

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The Role

CodingChiefs is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior ABAP Developer to join our client's team. As a Senior ABAP Developer, you will play a crucial role in understanding customer processes and developing tailored solutions using ABAP technology. You will work closely with clients, gathering requirements, providing expert advice, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the development process. This position requires a high level of expertise in ABAP development and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Our Client

Our client is a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about SAP technology and committed to delivering exceptional results. With a complete dedication to SAP technology, they believe in harnessing technology to serve people's needs. They offer unwavering support tailored to their customer’s requirements. They take pride in their collaborative approach that is personalized, professional, and of the highest quality. 

The Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with clients to understand their business processes and requirements.

  • Developing  customized solutions using ABAP programming language.

  • Updating clients regularly on project progress and involving  them in the development process.

  • Analyzing and optimizing existing ABAP code to improve performance and efficiency.

  • Working  on a variety of projects, including interfacing, implementations, upgrades, migrations, and conversions.

  • Staying  up-to-date with the latest ABAP development trends and technologies.

  • Providing  technical guidance and support to junior developers, as needed.

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The Role 

CodingChiefs, a rising industry leader in technical staffing in the Philippines is looking for a Lead Backend Developer. The successful hire will be our client’s active collaborator in determining the course of the further development and innovation of their products.

Our Client

Our client is an innovative and fast-growing online publishing company that carries a lot of popular brands. With a reach of over 13 million users per month, they engage with audiences through our multi-channel brands, bringing them high-quality content.

The Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with the clients in making  technical choices and solutions

  • helping build one or more products from our portfolio

  • supporting the team of developers and acting as the first point of contact for the project manager and stakeholders.

  • Ensuring that the client’s products are optimized for high traffic, must be able to handle the enormous peaks in visitor numbers flawlessly

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The Role

CodingChiefs, a rising industry leader in technical staffing in the Philippines, is looking for a Senior Python-Odoo Developer to join our team. The ideal candidate will be passionate about technology and have a strong track record of delivering successful projects using Odoo. As an Odoo Developer, you will work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and implement Odoo solutions that meet their requirements.

Our Client

Our client is a fast-growing company with a mission to transform the real estate industry through innovation and sustainability. They have a focus on creating sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, promoting circular economy principles, and providing a better quality of life for tenants and users.

The Responsibilities

  • Creating new modules for Odoo
  • Updating existing modules to the latest version of Odoo
  • Collaborating with consultants to discuss the customer's wishes and translate these into software development
  • Placing reusable modules in the Odoo app store or making these available in the Odoo open source community.
  • Taking care of existing Odoo installations and operations
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The Role

CodingChiefs is looking for a Senior Backend Developer (Python) who has extensive experience in web development and has a robust set of skills to prove it. The ideal candidate is someone who knows his way around the whole web development process but is still very much willing to learn new technologies.

Our Client

Our clients mean business. They host one of Europe’s biggest acquisition and financing platforms.

They created a virtual bridge for entrepreneurs, investors, financiers, and advisers to connect and find that perfect match that would bring their business ideas to life. They serve their clients with 3 distinct platforms, each with a dedicated product team.

The Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Taking new features from concept to deployment, together with a designer, a product owner, and your fellow dev teammates.
  • Developing web components to improve responsiveness and overall performance
  • Assessing functionality of existing systems and providing recommendations for improvements
  • Coordinating with internal teams to understand user requirements and provide technical solutions.
  • Making sure your own work and that of your teammates performs under load
  • Getting down into the cracks of web development to build simple, clean, performant, and reliable systems for our customers
  • Finding the joy in raising well crafted PRs that have the appropriate unit tests, load tests, test coverage, documentation, etc, that plays nice with our CI/CD pipeline
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The Role

CodingChiefs is looking for an innovative, creative, and hardworking Frontend Developer to work on the further optimization of our client’s multiple existing products, with a strong focus on usability.  The ideal candidate is one who has extensive experience collaborating and innovating as part of a dynamic and highly-skilled team to create visually delightful and easy-to-use digital products in a fast-paced environment.

Our Client

Our client is an innovative and fast-growing online publishing company that carries a lot of popular brands. With a reach of over 13 million users per month, they engage with audiences through our multi-channel brands, bringing them high-quality content.

The Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Creating user-centered designs by understanding business requirements, and user feedback

  • Creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and mockups

  • Translating requirements into style guides, design systems, design patterns, and attractive user interfaces

  • Designing, building, and maintaining highly reusable JavaScript, HTML and CSS code.

  • Understanding the limitations of our tech stack and business model and providing technical advice wherever necessary.

  • Collaborating effectively with the product, engineering, and management teams

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The Role

CodingChiefs is looking for an experienced Front End Developer to collaborate with our client’s in-house development team in the constant development and the persistent search for creative solutions to improve their high-traffic sites.

Our Client

Our client is constantly working on innovating and exploring new techniques to remain one of the biggest players in the website hosting industry and constantly keep their websites and content up-to-date and relevant. Our client is a forward-looking, dynamic, innovative company that always focuses on the future.
The Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and enhance our main front end platform and develop new user-facing features

  • Design and develop new front end applications for various platforms

  • Contribute ideas to improve our engineering standards and processes

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Working at CodingChiefs means...

MacBook Pro

Flexibele work hours

Feature Fridays

Educational training

High-quality customers

Techie culture

Friday afternoon drinks

Events and seminars

CodingChiefs’ Corporate life


Transparency. One of our strengths. In our view it is essential every individual understands why we do the things the way we do. It is all about honesty and openness. That is exactly what we expect from you as a CodingChief to-be. Being transparent creates an atmosphere of trust, both internally and externally. As a remote software developer, you are not alone. We do it together. As a team. As a CodingChiefs family. Feel welcome!


As a CodingChief, you have to check off lots of boxes. Our senior-level employees are not only highly skilled in building solid high-tech solutions. No. We set the bar high. Being a senior software developer isn’t only about meeting the most challenging software requirements. It is also about having social abilities. Why? If there is one thing we can pinpoint as the #1 outstaffing failure, it often is the communication. Internally and externally. With the help of our internal communication training, tools such as Slack and business English lessons, this can be guaranteed.

Stretch your potential

Are you on your A-game if you can be your own boss? At CodingChiefs we strive to create a casual working environment according to a Western work mentality. What does that philosophy mean? Attractive working conditions, freedom to fulfil your personal potential and ways to accelerate your career, generous salaries and a healthy work-life balance. Not to mention the pleasant company outings, family days and pizzas on Friday.

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