Today’s digital world can often be labeled as ‘expensive’, ‘distant’ and ‘impersonal.’ We come with a different sound. At CodingChiefs we intend to prove that working together remotely can be a well-functioning recipe for success. One which is as personal as possible.

The story behind CodingChiefs

CodingChiefs originated as a brand label of the successful online marketing agency Nochii Online Marketing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Years ago, we wanted to offer (web) development to marketing customers at competitive rates. Tasks which require lots of project management. In the Netherlands we have to cope with a mismatch between demand for and supply of high-skilled software developers. And if they are available, you pay premium prizes. Is there no other way? Luckily, there is! Where there is a shortage of affordable software developers in the Netherlands, there is an unprecedented surplus on the other side of the globe. After a search we ended up in the fast-growing city of Clark in the Philippines. Quite thought-provoking, but what if we tell you it is a sun-drenched place where English is an official language. This means accent-free communication at a business level. In addition, many Filipinos are highly educated, Catholicism fits seamlessly with the Dutch culture, the time difference is doable and can be a plus, and many of the developers are unemployed, because there just isn’t enough work. If that isn’t a win-win. 


Always the right top-notch developer available within a month!


By retaining a strong recruitment, retention, and development policy, stimulating an open culture, and focusing on clients of the highest level, CodingChiefs makes physical and cultural boundaries disappear and allows our developers to excel for the clients in both software development and innovation. The highest possible quality, exceeding client expectations, and a healthy work/life balance are values of the utmost importance. Besides this, CodingChiefs pays attention to the environment surrounding our developers and investing in local projects and people.

What we have in store for you

Outstaffing from the Philippines

Imagine us as a remote recruiter who unites client requirements with highly experienced developers. Whatever the software development question is, we want to show that your business issues can be solved with the power of outstaffing. From our offices in Amsterdam and the Philippines we take care of finding, training and managing the world's best remote software developers. Software developers that are sought on behalf of the customer needs. Customization thus. Whether you would like to scale up with one software specialist or a multidisciplinary remote software team, that is totally up to you!

Only the benefits, not the burdens

The CodingChiefs recruiters are always on the search for suitable profiles which will be presented to you as a client for approval. Only when the experts have successfully completed a few tests, and you have a positive feeling about the CodingChief(s), it is time to give the green light figuratively. And what about the payroll, hardware, software, management, taxes and working environment? We take care of it. You are only responsible for managing the project. Did we already mentioned that up to a team of 3 FTE, we always only use one month's notice?

Nothing but the best

Our CodingChiefs are good. Rectification: best in class. Every software developer has a university degree, speaks native English and has both technical and social skills. We test these skills extensively. In addition, we have an on-the-spot Dutch director and client success managers who manage the Philippine office to guarantee the desired quality standard. In this way we are assured only the best software developers participate in every development journey.

Giving back

Although we can do a lot for the Philippines with CodingChiefs from the Netherlands and vice versa, we would like to go a step further. Especially for the local community. That is why we ended up at Precious Heritage Children's Home. This great initiative supports the less fortunate Filipino kids. We are very committed to those do-gooders, and think it is great being able to realize a huge difference in the children’s lives.   But our support doesn't stop there. We also warmly support the WWF's anti-plastic project. A green initiative which focuses on reducing (micro) plastics in the so-called Coral Triangle - the place where 75% of all coral species live - in Southeast Asia. Because we visit this region a lot, and we frequently see plastic pollution with our own eyes, we have put this sustainable topic high on our agenda. We would like to make every effort we can to preserve Mother Nature. If we can do that by, among other things, supporting the unstoppable WWF, we would be happy to do so.

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Lee Ann Delfin

HR & Manager

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