Outstaffing für die Luftfahrt

Unsere CodingChiefs haben Tausende von Stunden in verschiedenen Luftfahrtteams verbracht. Und das hat zu einer guten Portion Branchenkenntnis und Anpassungsfähigkeit an valide Prozesse geführt. Nutzen Sie diese Erfahrung und erwarten Sie von unseren ausgelagerten Software-Entwicklern ein außergewöhnlich hohes technisches Niveau. Spitzenqualität schon ab 25,- € pro Stunde.

Kundenrezensionen über CodingChiefs

Corstiaan Hesselink – CTO bij Brookz

'How we got in touch with CodingChiefs? It was due to a referral from my network. In 2019, we were about to build, among other things, the Brookz.nl platform. Acquiring affordable, highly skilled software developers was a tough challenge via the Dutch developers route. To be able to scale up in the short term, our digital search brought us to outstaffing. A few years back I didn't have the best experiences with this remote way of working, so I was quite hesitant about this 2.0 experiment. After a year outstaffing I can tell It is all about finding the right fit and collaborating with the right party, because there’s a lot of room for error - especially in terms of communication.'

Pierre van Elswijk – partner bij BLIS. Digital

'Our digital paths crossed in 2019. At BLIS. Digital we missed both executive power and the flexibility to up- and downscale in capacity. At that time, it was quite challenging to find the right software developers for a reasonable price in the Netherlands. That’s why we discussed outstaffing internally. After online search we ended up - via Nochii - at CodingChiefs. They exactly understand our needs and requirements, and are a listening ear during the whole development process.'

Outstaffing, was halten Sie davon? Finden Sie heraus, ob das Outstaffing Ihrer Entwicklungsherausforderung grünes Licht bekommt.

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